Penny Gadget is the adorable, precious and tomboyishly beautiful niece of Inspector Gadget and is basically Gadget's aid in the series, she goes on her uncle's casses without him knowing and is the true hero of Metro City, she helps her clumsy uncle through missions behind his back while the incompetent inspector bumbles on his cases and is unable to actually complete the mission himself his niece Penny does it for him along with Brain (Penny's loyal pet dog). Often Penny snoops around MAD agent hideouts and is caught by them, she is then either locked away or tied up tight having either Brain rescue her or she sometimes escapes herself, Penny has blue eyes(sometimes green!), blonde hair tied into two pigtails and wears a red short-sleeved T-shirt with a white stripe going over the middle and has olive green patched up trousers with cuffs on them, Penny is right handed and is very intelligent. Like her uncle, she is also equipped with a numerous amount of gadgets such as Her computer Book and watch.
"Smeldorado" clip01:59

"Smeldorado" clip

Check out this video of Penny snooping around an army base

For screenshots of Penny see: Penny Gadget:gallery!

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